Jim McCutchan


Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Jim McCutchan is no stranger to success – in addition to practicing at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, where he's spent his entire career, he also founded and ran several large and specialty practices of his own. Pilchuck is unique in that around 50% of their business is equine veterinary care, taking care of horses in and around Puget Sound, Washington.

“Nobody had expressed interest in a practice of our size and complication,” said Dr. McCutchan. “Pilchuck grew from a mixed animal practice in a rural environment to a large animal practice in a more urban/suburban environment, with 25 doctors and over 100 employees. Joining Pathway has allowed me and my partners to maintain the legacy of our practice; if we had sold off pieces of it, it would have been financially difficult for the practice to continue.”

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital is now able to offer the same services by the same people and retain the same culture as before they joined Pathway. “Our only anxiety before joining Pathway was that we wanted to function like we had been before—and to tell you the truth, nothing operationally has changed. There’s a real confidence and trust there.”

“Pathway’s real advantage is that it’s being run by veterinarians, for veterinarians. Veterinarians are at the highest level of the corporate structure, and this is evident in the concepts and processes of everything they do.”