Jasen Trautwein

“I’m passionate about helping veterinary professionals manage their practices more efficiently. It’s part of my commitment to the profession and its practitioners.”

Jasen Trautwein



BS – University of Texas;
DVM – Texas A&M University

Dr. Trautwein is co-founder of Pathway. His passion for veterinary medicine and desire to help clinics manage their day-to-day operations brought him to found what is now Pathway.

After graduating with a DVM at Texas A&M, Dr. Trautwein opened his own practices and noticed the obstacles that were holding him and staff back. Dr. Trautwein then began to develop a blueprint for more efficient administrative and operational processes to alleviate these issues. From there, Pathway started to become a reality, and his vision of helping the veterinary industry would come to fruition.

Today, Dr. Trautwein’s success continues, he has set a course for a continued trend of growth and opportunity for those in the industry.

Outside of Pathway, Dr. Trautwein currently serves as a consulting veterinarian and board member of the Capital of Texas Zoo and is on the board of directors for Veterinary Growth Partners and Thrive Affordable Vet Care.

Dr. Trautwein can’t get enough of animals, so he surrounds himself with his three dogs and six cats, and he enjoys swimming with dolphins. He is also a music enthusiast (anything ’80s) and plays guitar.

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