Veterinarian Incentive Plan

Pathway Vet Alliance is announcing an industry-first program built to celebrate collective success - when we win, we all win together!

What is the Veterinarian Incentive Plan?

An industry-first program that gives veterinarians at Pathway Vet Alliance and THRIVE Affordable Vet Care the ability to share in the company's long-term growth and success, at no cost to them! Our Veterinarian Incentive Plan is:


All employed veterinarians are eligible, including part-time and new hires.


This plan is designed around two key metrics: doctor tenure and overall company performance.

No gotchas!

This program neither requires personal financial investment nor dictates how quality medicine is delivered.

How does the VIP work?

1/3 of the total VIP award is tenure-based.

It takes 5 years of continued employment for this award value to fully vest.

2/3 is rewarded by company performance.

By working together, your vested VIP reward can grow! The award value vests in connection with the company's change in ownership.

After 5 years of service, you could earn $150,00 to $450,000, depending on company and individual production performance!

Top 10 VIP Questions

Here is the most commonly asked questions your fellow veterinary specialists have about the Pathway VIP!

Do I have to work at Pathway for a certain amount of time to be eligible for the VIP Program?

This program is available for both current and new doctors who provide veterinary care at Pathway and THRIVE hospital locations.

Do I have to stay with Pathway or THRIVE for 5 years to earn anything?

No, you may still be eligible to receive a payout based on the vested tenure-based portion of your award even if you leave before 5 years.

Are residents eligible for VIP?

All residents at Pathway and THRIVE are eligible for the VIP program as they start their third year of residency.

I'm the former owner of a hospital that Pathway partnered with. Am I eligible for the program?

All employed, practicing veterinarians at Pathway and THRIVE hospital locations are eligible to participate in the VIP program.

If my production or employment status changes, am I removed from the program?

Once you are enrolled in the VIP program, you remain enrolled as long as you are actively employed by Pathway or THRIVE.

I am a part-time doctor, how will my award payout be prorated?

Because we know that being part-time doesn't necessarily correlate with production potential, part-time veterinarians are aligned to the same production thresholds as full-time veterinarians and are eligible to earn the same payout. The total award potential is not prorated.

How does parental leave affect my eligibility?

Parental leave, or any other approved leave of absence as described in the Employee Handbook, will not have an adverse affect on the VIP program eligibility or payout.

What happens if a change in ownership occurs before the 5-year vesting timeframe?

In this case, you will receive the vested value of your tenure-based VIP award along with the relevant portion of the company performance-based VIP award. If you're a doctor with less than five years into the program at the time of change of ownership, you will continue to vest in your tenure-based award value, if you remain actively employed at Pathway or THRIVE.

Is VIP an equity program?

No, VIP is a long-term cash award program that gives veterinarians at Pathway and THRIVE a stake in the growth and success of the company - at no cost to you!

How will this award be taxed?

The VIP award will be taxed as ordinary income, the same as your salary.

Are you ready to share in the growth of Pathway Vet Alliance?

Together, we can experience the success that only comes with dedicated, passionate veterinarians and the teams that make their dreams possible.

This document is intended to provide an overview of the Veterinarian Incentive Plan (the "VIP"). We recommend using this document only as a general guide. In all cases. the terms of the VIP and the applicable award agreement will govern.