Michael Bland

“Pathway’s sound approach to business and growth shows how in touch they are not only with the business – but its people too.”

Michael Bland


Chief Development Officer

BA – University of Pennsylvania;
MBA – UCLA Anderson School of Management

Michael joined Pathway in 2014 as chief development officer. His background in private equity, investment management and strategic planning are just the tip of the iceberg. Michael’s track record for growing successful companies has been integral to Pathway’s success.

Michael is co-founder of Thrive Affordable Vet Care and serves on the board of several companies across a diverse array of industries, showing his versatility and talent for what he does.

Michael sees Pathway as more than just a company. Like the rest of the team, he believes Pathway is on its way to be the next great thing in veterinary medicine. He sees his work as an important piece of the bigger goals Pathway is working toward.

Whether it’s mountain pose or the mountain itself, Michael enjoys yoga and skiing in his free time. When he’s off the slopes or out of the studio, he likes to cook (while trying to keep scraps from his Lhasa Apso, Pepe).

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