Matt Murphy

“It’s great to work with a company like Pathway that cares about individual practices’ core values. It goes to show that when you join Pathway, you don’t have to sacrifice your legacy to get something in return.”

Matt Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer

BS – Ferris State University

Matt joined Pathway in 2017 as chief marketing officer. With over 20 years’ experience running a marketing agency, he brings his expertise to Pathway as an indispensable resource for establishing the company’s brand and making its presence in the industry known.

Matt is a multitalented marketer who has a passion for innovation and business development. He has earned multiple patents for his work and continues to develop new marketing solutions. He has also invested his time in successfully running several franchises in the Chicago area.

Unsurprisingly, Matt thrives off the fast-paced nature of Pathway’s business and dynamic environment. He believes that everyone who works at Pathway has the chance to contribute to its evolution.

When he’s not working on the next big thing in marketing, Matt is an avid outdoorsman, whether it’s skiing, fly fishing or golfing.

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