Harry Zimmerman

“It’s my wish to help Pathway continue to lead by example in the industry as an ethical, pragmatic entity focused on the greater good.”

Harry Zimmerman


Chief Legal Officer

BS – University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business; JD – University of Texas School of Law

Harry joined Pathway in 2016 as executive vice president, general counsel. He has worked as a key member in several growing companies for over 20 years and now serves a critical role in helping Pathway navigate the legal landscape.

Before joining Pathway, Harry helped sell Pet DRx, a multi-clinic veterinary roll-up that was near bankruptcy prior to his joining. After raising capital and increasing cash flow, he strategically brokered a sale to an industry leader and recouped investors’ contributions. He also helped build an orthopedic medical device company from a start-up to a billion dollar company with over 2,000 employees in over seven countries.

If it weren’t already evident, Harry is enthusiastic about Pathway’s trajectory and the company’s ability to provide people opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Harry is an avid sailor and photographer in his free time – and may even combine the two when he’s traveling the world. While he doesn’t have any pets himself, he enjoys visits from his black lab mix granddogs, Major and Huck.

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