Pathway, THRIVE announce partnership with Penn Foster to provide free education

Pathway Vet Alliance, a leading national veterinary management group serving pets and their parents throughout the U.S., and THRIVE a part of the Pathway family of companies, announced they have rolled out a new education program available to help their team members earn a 2-year degree from Penn Foster for free.

“We’re excited to offer this program and it’s just the first step in this direction, as we’re looking to create more ways to provide tools for upward mobility within our organization and opportunities to earn more,” said Dr. Bob Murtaugh, chief professional relations officer at Pathway. “Quite frankly, I don’t know of any other organization in the veterinary industry that is offering this type of program at the scale that we are.”

The partnership learning program with Penn Foster began this fall and already has 75 Pathway and THRIVE team members enrolled from throughout the U.S. 

According to Murtaugh, Pathway and THRIVE are already in talks with additional schools like Lincoln Memorial University and the University of Arizona Tucson to expand their educational partnerships.

In order to be considered for the program, team members must have an endorsement from their local leadership, identify a mentor, and complete an essay and questionnaire. Upon being selected, Pathway or THRIVE then provides payment for the tuition to the school up front, with a small amount deducted from employee paychecks thereafter until the cost is paid for. Upon graduation, and after completing two years with Pathway or THRIVE, 100 percent of the tuition will be fully reimbursed to the team member. 

“At times of economic uncertainty like the one we are currently managing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education is one of the most important engines of mobility and opportunity,” said Dara Warn, chief customer officer at Penn Foster. “By making degree programs more accessible and affordable for their employees, Pathway and THRIVE are demonstrating their commitment to investing in the skills and capabilities that will help their team members succeed now and into the future.”

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